The position and the function of substance use and intoxication are changing, both in the Nordic countries and elsewhere. The MISCHMASCH network utilities this trend for strengthening Nordic comparative research in the alcohol and drug field, focusing on changes in use and misuse of substances.

The total alcohol consumptionis is increasing in all Nordic populations. Even though the overall consumption is slightly decreasing among adolescents, this does not hold true for all segments of the young population. There is a move towards a polarisation among young drinkers with an increasing number of abstainers in one end and a growing amount of regular binge drinkers in the other.

The participants in the MISCHMASCH network (Meanings and Measures - Strengthening Mixed Methods in Nordic Comparative Alcohol and Drug Research) are involved in projects that aim at developing new combinations of methodological tools for understanding these trends and their consequences. The network will exchange experiences and new knowledge on a continuous basis by its network conferences twice a year. These gatherings will also involve methodological workshops specifically aimed at young researchers.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Pekka Hakkarainen, Nordic Centre for Welfare and Social Issues - NVC