N‘CLAV - Nordic collaboration on language variation studies

N'CLAV is a network of researchers and research students in theoretical, descriptive and applied linguistics focusing on variation between the Nordic languages.

N'CLAV aims to become a powerful arena for cooperation and research training and a base for broad cross-theoretical research, matching international networks and collaboration of the same kind.

Some of the network participants have a mainly theoretical, structural approach, others a sociolinguistic approach; there are individuals and groups that focus on dialect-geographic issues whereas others have a background in language technology and computational linguistics.

Each year the participants gather for a Grand Meeting. These meetings play an important role in developing strategies for obtaining funding for future projects from national, Nordic, and European sources and increasing the possibilities for young researchers to pursue high-level research. N'CLAV also organises annual field trips to an area of interest where special focus where research students and young researchers are given hands-on experience with conducting empirical groundwork and producing high-level output in the form of scholarly papers.

Both types of activities focus on researcher training and recruitment, on the one hand through providing a forum for presentation and exchange of ideas (the grand meetings) and on the other through schooling in methods for theoretically informed data collection (the fieldwork trips). The focus on collaboration can be viewed as a proactive and innovative approach to researcher training, and as a revitalisation of the field of language variation in particular and linguistics and the Humanities in general.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Maia Andréasson, University of Gothenburg, Sweden