NCoE HELGA: Nordic Health – Wholegrain Food

The Nordic Center of Excellence (NCoE) HELGA Nordic Health - wholegrain Food examines the effects of a diet with a strong element of whole grain products on modern lifestyle diseases such as cancer and diabetes 2.

Eating whole grain is one of the most characteristic features of a traditional Nordic diet. In several countries, however, imported foods have has displaced the traditional Nordic intake of whole grain products in some areas.

Research shows that the coarse breads and other products that contain whole grains have very positive effects for the prevention of lifestyle diseases like heart disease and diabetes. But what does a high consumption of whole grain mean for different types of cancer?

There is a need for more knowledge, and the researchers involved in NCoE HELGA contribute to this.

NCoE HELGA will develop new knowledge about the health effects of whole grain products through a research network between existing scientific expert groups in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

The goal is to establish a solid and comprehensive foundation for research on whole grains, reveal the health effects, and make this knowledge accessible and clear to the consumers.