Network for research on mathematics textbooks in the Nordic countries

The main aim of this researcher network is to increase the Nordic and Baltic collaboration in research on mathematics textbooks.

The researcher network consists of six groups of researchers and doctoral students from the Nordic and Baltic countries and a group of international scholars active in the research area.

The network aims to:

  • attain better quality of ongoing and new studies and inspire to comparative studies, longitudinal studies or replication studies to get broader evidence of the situation in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The network will support the doctoral studies and help students to finish in good ways through offering new opportunities to learn about research on mathematics textbooks.
  • produce anthologies on research on textbooks suitable for teacher education and to publish in scientific journals and journals for teachers. Such publications will build on the collective knowledge and insights of all members in the network.
  • build up cooperation with publishing houses in order to offer research based evidence for authors about valuable features, content and structures for mathematics textbooks. The advantages of shared Nordic history and culture, values and structures of society, educational systems and traditions and language bridges will be used.
  • create deeper cooperation among isolated researchers by organising research seminars and workshops, where joint work can be carried out.
  • disseminate knowledge about research on textbooks to improve textbooks for pupils’ learning and teachers’ teaching.
Facts about the project
Project leader

Barbro Elisabeth Grevholm, University of Agder, Norway