Network for Saami Documentation and Revitalization

This network aims to enhance Saami language research, documentation, maintenance and (re)vitalization by linking these directly to one another.

The network will:

  • build a collaborative network of specialists and speech community members
  • develop efficient, coordinated Saami language projects
  • establish new methods, tools and protocols for these languages
  • encourage the development of and cooperation among young researchers

The network will benefit researchers and Saami language users within the Nordic region and Russia by fostering better understanding among researchers from different fields and traditions, nurturing better understanding between researchers and speech communities, and creating ways to make the data collected by linguists immediately available for language support.

A diverse group of participants ranging from language teachers to linguistics professors, and from students to community leaders, is united by a common interest to support, promote and research the Saami languages, as well as building connections within and between academics and Saami speakers.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Bruce Morén, Universitety of Tromsø, Norway