NORIA-net NIRPA - The Nordic Network for International Research Policy Analysis

The Nordic Network for International Research Policy Analysis (NIRPA) is a joint initiative taken by six Nordic research agencies. Its aim is to strengthen Nordic cooperation by understanding and dealing with the impact of globalisation on Nordic research and innovation policies.

Scientific breakthroughs and technological innovation are key factors in a more competitive and integrated world. Research and innovation policy need to be raised to a new strategic level. Consequently, joint efforts to develop high-level intelligence analysis in the Nordic countries are needed.

NIRPA shall:

  • develop relevant networks
  • stimulate learning about the means and methods needed for future-oriented research policy intelligence and analysis
  • create a joint framework for analysing the impacts of globalisation on the Nordic research systems.

NIRPA will organise three workshops and a conference where key results will be presented to relevant stakeholders.

The project is finished, download the report here

Facts about the project
Project leader

Lars M. Nilsson, The Research Council of Sweden, Sweden

Project website