NNIMIPA: Nordic Network for the Integration of Music Informatics, Performance and Aesthetics

NNIMIPA aims at shedding new light upon traditional and contemporary questions within music research, employing approaches that regard music from a vantage point focusing on information and communication.

NNIMIPA involves all the Nordic countries, and several higher edication institutions participate.

The network's research areas include:

  • the relationships between music and speech
  • the influence on local and global culture exerted by the immediate availability of music from virtually any time and place at any time and place
  • the ways in which listeners hear sounds as meaningful and representative
  • the ontological status of the work of music or - more narrowly - the status of the composition
  • the relationship between music and emotions
  • understanding processes in the minds of performing musicians
Facts about the project

Project number: 31243

Project leader

Cynthia Marie Grund, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark