NordCrit: Nordic Research Network on Critical Perspectices on Children, Young People, Welfare and Education

This network promotes Nordic cooperation on critical, empirically grounded analysis of education, especially in perspective of gender and other differences. The aim is to unite theoretical understanding of teaching and learning in the contexts from preschool to adult education.

From the perspectives of education, welfare, and youth research the network aims for intersectionality, e.g. interlinking research on difference based on gender, ethnicity, locality, social class and (dis)abilities.

The scope of the studies covers a broad age-span and different educational settings: studies in preschools, comprehensive schools and upper secondary education, as well as nonformal educational contexts.

    The studies include ethnographic and interview studies with young people and with teachers, as well as policy studies including interviews and document analysis. Youth transitions, especially from school to work, and from youth to adulthood, constitute an important research field in the network.

    Facts about the project

    Project number: 32960

    Project leader

    Elina Lahelma, University of Helsinki, Finland