NORDERA is a project financed by the European Commission, studying experiences of the Nordic region regarding research cooperation, to identify best practices and assess how the lessons learnt can be of value for the further development of the European Research Area (ERA) as well as the Nordic Research and Innovation Area (NORIA).

NORDERA is an ERA-net support action. NordForsk is the project coordinator, and the Nordic Innovation Centre (NICe) and the Joint Research Centre - Institute for Prospective and Technological Studies (JRC/IPTS) in Seville are other project partners.

The project started in May 2009 and ended with a final seminar November 25th 2010 in Brussels.

NORDERA has investigated the extent to which NORIA can contribute to achieve some of the objectives set by the European Commission in the ERA Green Paper from 2007: Joint research programmes, increased mobility for researchers, joint research infrastructures, excellence in research and exchange of knowledge.

The NORDERA project has produced three reports:

Facts about the project