The aim of NORDFROST is to better understand how snow, frost and ice, and changes in their annual and seasonal patterns affect the trace gas and energy exchanges of high latitude ecosystems and particularly the boreal and arctic ones.

NORDFROST will develop a combined travelling workshop and course in the sub-Arctic to high Arctic region. In addition funding will be available for mobility grants allowing researchers and PhD students to visit each other’s laboratories and field stations.

The network will provide access to a large number of advanced research stations in the Nordic region through infrastructures such as INTERACT and ICOS. Within INTERACT new flux sites for year-around measurements of trace gases and energy exchanges will be established in Greenland (Nuuk & Zackenberg), Sweden (Abisko) and Norway (Svalbard).

Ecosystem flux sites will also be established along latitudinal gradients in Sweden and Finland within the ICOS infrastructure which will also contain atmospheric observations in a number of high towers. With the mobility and site visit grants young researchers will have a unique opportunity to utilise advanced top modern equipment in the absolute forefront of climate related research.

NORDFROST is a combination of the researcher network NORDFLUX and the Nordic Centre of Excellence within the Top-level Research Initiative DEFROST.

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Facts about the project
Project leader

Anders Lindroth, Lund University, Sweden