Nordic and North/Central European Network of Cold War Researchers (NORCENCOWAR)

With the aim of strengthening Nordic Cold War research and research training, NORCENCOWAR aims at initiating a broad range of activities, including joint Nordic Research training seminars and conferences.

The history of the Cold War and the lessons from this international conflict continues to influence domestic politics and public debates in the Nordic countries, as well as international relations and conflicts involving or affecting the region.

Notably much tension in the Middle East and the current armed conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are rooted in part in socio-economic and geopolitical conflicts during the Cold War period.

Deeper insight into the complexities of the Cold War and the specific role of the Nordic and Northern European countries may therefore enhance our understanding of several current socio-economic issues and topical international conflicts - it may even point to potential solutions to some of these conflicts.

NORCENCOWAR works with these issues through comparative research, research training, research communities, international impact and publications.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Poul Villaume, University of Copenhagen, Denmark