Nordic Astrobiology Network

The Nordic Astrobiology Network aims to establish the Nordic countries as one of the world’s leading areas of research and training in astrobiology and to attract talented researchers and funding to the Nordic Countries.

Astrobiology deals with fundamental questions like the formation of bimolecular precursors in space and planetary atmospheres, the origin of the solar system, the emergence of life on our planet and the influence of cosmic events on it, and the search for habitable exoplanets and extra-terrestrial life.

Such questions cannot be tackled by one branch of science alone or one national research community. Furthermore, astrobiology is a very diverse field involving scientists with backgrounds ranging from astronomy to evolutionary biology and comprehensive teaching is hard to be achieved by a single institution. Nordic researchers have been particularly active in astrobiology, and Nordic universities have improved graduate training in astrobiology.

The Nordic Astrobiology Network aims to:

  • promote research in astrobiology in the Nordic Countries
  • foster co-operations between Nordic higher education and research institutions in research and graduate training
  • coordinate on-going and future Nordic research activities in the field
  • facilitate the exchange of students, lecturers and scientists between the Nordic and Baltic countries
  • create a forum for exchange of research results and planning of new projects
  • hold scientific meetings in astrobiology
  • inform national and international science funding and space research organisations about achievements and future research plans in astrobiology
  • cooperate with other international astrobiology societies
  • coordinate and conduct outreach work to promote public awareness on astrobiology
Facts about the project
Project leader

Wolf Geppert, Stockholm University, Sweden