Nordic Centre of Excellence for Security Technologies and Societal Values (NordSTEVA)

The values of society

The essence of a society lies in its values. Securing a society means securing societal values. In the Nordic countries, liberal values such as freedom of expression, equality, privacy and transparency play a crucial role in our self-understanding and our approach to societal security. At the same time, rapidly emerging technologies are increasingly setting the agenda for security policy. How do evolving security technologies influence the value premises at the heart of societal security?

Main objectives

The main objective of the Nordic Centre of Excellence NordSTEVA is to map and critically analyse the relationship between security technologies and societal values. This implies exploring, on the on hand, the concentration of technologies that promise to provide for human needs and, on the other, to link these to the cultural traditions - including relilgion, language, politics and economics - that make up the societal values that we deem most worthy of protection.

The centre will advance research, edication and training, industrial strategy and public policy in support of a wider and depper understanding of the complex relation between security technologies and the values that are called upon to support and preserve our societies.

J. Peter Burgess



Project leader, Research Professor J. Peter Burgess. Photo: NordForsk/Bård Gudim.