Nordic Centre of Excellence: Justice through education in the Nordic countries (JustEd)

Current societal changes put pressure on the values and political ideals underlying the Nordic democratic educational project and its practical realisation. The centre focuses on the crucial question: How do systems, cultures and actors in education facilitate and constrain justice in the context of globalising Nordic welfare states?

The centre’s three thematic areas address this question from different angles:

  • Governance and the impact of marketisation and how these influence the understanding of justice in education.
  • Teaching and learning practices and how they are influenced by politics and policies in terms of justice.
  • Agency, marginalisation and diversity. The spread of neo-liberalism represents a challenge for Nordic educational ideologies based on equality, equity and inclusion.

The centre will use multilevel, comparative, cross-cultural and cross-border research, to examine educational policies and practices in a critical light, and to explore the role of governance and the agency of teachers and students in terms of equity and equality.

Participating countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, USA, Italy, Australia and France.