Nordic Dynamic Biomembrane Research Network

This network intends to strengthen the research activities of six successful independent research groups in Northern Europe, which are investigating various dynamic aspects of biomembranes in living cells and model systems.

Biological membranes define the cell boundary and enclose spaces or compartments, in which a particular chemical or biochemical environment is maintained. The membrane is a fluid structure with numerous embedded and associated functional components, such as ion channels, receptors and other bio(macro)molecules.

Important functions carried out by the biomembrane are adhesion to other cells, signal transduction, dynamic shape transformations, and the formation of lipid nanotubes, which allow inter-cellular communication.

This network combines unique scientific expertise from cell and neurobiology, biophysical chemistry, pharmacology and biomedicine with the goal of exchanging information and train students, identifying new research topics, and sharing resources, in particular modern micro- and nanotechnological methods, to tackle scientific problems in a joint effort.

Facts about the project

Project number: 45782

Project leader

Aldo Jesorka, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden