Nordic light and colours

This research school within the field of light and colour shall encourage students from different disciplines to learn more about the other disciplines approach to light and colour.

The course deals with colour and light from the aspects of several disciplines and professions, and introduce the theories, terminology and methodology of each of them.

Special emphasis will be put on discussions on which scientific approach is- and is not - applicable for which questions, and on the possible coherence of conflicts between different approaches.

Academic and professional fields to be discussed in the course include:

  • Physics
  • Biophysics
  • Perception psychology
  • Environmental psychology
  • Health and care sciences
  • Architecture
  • The history of architecture and building tradition
  • Pictorial and performative art
  • Lighting technology
  • Computer visualisation and simulation

Lectures will be given by top scientists from Sweden, Norway and UK in English. The unique daylight laboratories of NTNU will be used for experiments and exercises. The course ends with an exam.

The course will be held in Trondheim, Norway, April 16-21 2011, read more about the event here

Facts about the project
Project leader

Barbara Matusiak, NTNU, Norway