Nordic milk science initiative

This network aims at filling this gap by bringing together Nordic and Baltic research groups from different disciplines with an interest in the health aspects of new products from milk and bioactive compounds from other sources.

Research within dairy science has a long tradition in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The level of the research has been on high international standard.

The research has been focused on product and process development directly related to the traditional use of the milk raw material. This also involves health and nutritional aspects as well as linking the genetic variants of the milk components to the product quality.

Recent studies show many protective components in cow's milk  and their derivatives display a range of bioactivities.

The Nordic milk science initiative joins multidisciplinary research groups from five Nordic and two Baltic countries, joining  know-how from chemical, analytical, technological, structural studies, in vitro studies and human clinical studies related to milk compounds.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Anne Pihlanto, MTT Agrifood Research, Finland