Nordic Mitosis Network

This researcher network aims to improve the unity among the Nordic mitosis community, identify research synergies, and facilitate better transfer of knowledge, student training, and visibility of Nordic mitosis research efforts.

Mitosis is a major determination point in the life cycle of a cell. The complex signalling events governing cell division have been under intense investigations for the past few decades, mainly driven by the links between mitotic abnormalities and cancer. This research has been one of the foundations for the discovery of many current anti-cancer therapies.

In the Nordic countries, this field of research has been underrepresented in comparison to the USA and other European countries. Only a handful of research groups in Scandinavia have focused on exploring mitosis.

Each research group in this network will provide their own complementary expertise with the specific goals to:

  1. strengthen scientific cooperation and share of existing infrastructure between the laboratories
  2. provide means for short-term student/researcher exchange between participating laboratories
  3. organise an annual network meeting and two separate workshops
  4. increase the scientific visibility and public awareness of cell division research in Nordic countries

The expected benefits of the network will be enhanced scientific communication and collaboration, increased and improved student education, and support for the joint activities beyond the network such as cooperative funding applications and research initiatives.

Facts about the project

Project number: 46421

Project leader

Jakob Nilsson, University of Copenhagen, Denmark