Nordic Network for Engineering Education Research (NNEER)

Higher engineering education has become a field of scholarly research and in the Nordic countries there are extensive activities in this field. However, there is a need for stronger collaboration among Nordic engineering education research groups in order to improve the level of research, research training and not at least the impact on development of engineering education.

The objectives of this network are to:

  • identify and define the research area of engineering education and the engineering education researchers
  • support the establishment of engineering education research as an interdisciplinary area
  • initiate critical reflection on research methods for Engineering Education Research
  • collaborate in the training of PhD students and to establish a European standard for doctoral training for engineering education researchers
  • initiate PhD training and exchange of PhD students, development of common PhD courses, and establishing common research projects.
Facts about the project

Project number: 12201

Project leader

Jonte Bernhard, Linköpings universitet, Sweden