Nordic Network for Evolutionary Conservation Biology

This network aims to develop synergies among Nordic and Baltic groups with different expertise and to strenghten their international position in evolutionary conservation biology.

Evolutionary conservation biology seeks to understand the evolutionary dimensions of human-induced environmental change. As anthropogenic change in ecosystems is accelerating there is a growing need to understand its ecological and evolutionary consequences for populations as well as the potential for evolutionary response.

The human-induced modifications in natural habitats directly affect the abiotic environments, but also biotic interactions because of changes in species distribution and abundance. However, little is known about interactions between different types of stressors on individuals’ physiology and on populations’ ability to adapt and how these might either facilitate or counteract adaptation to climate change.

This network brings together students and scientists working on topics related to evolutionary conservation biology, ecology, genetics, evolution, physiology and animal breeding, in order to create positive synergy among these related fields. The network organises PhD courses, and members of the different groups will have the opportunity to visit other groups of the network to learn about different approaches and to use facilities not available in their own groups.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Voker Loeschcke, Aarhus University, Denmark