Nordic Network for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies (NIES)

The Nordic Network for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies is devoted to interdisciplinary environmental studies, with a particular ambition to promote work in the environmental humanities.

Since its founding in 2007 NIES has grown from a group of a dozen researchers based in three Nordic countries to its present-day constituency of over 120 researchers based at dozens of colleges and universities in five Nordic countries.

NIES consists of researchers whose work addresses environmental questions from numerous disciplinary angles; the fields of literature, history, anthropology, archaeology, philosophy, linguistics, geography, art history, architecture, landscape studies and cultural studies are well represented in the network.

Research foci include environmental ethics and aesthetics, as well as ecological integrity, stability, change and sustainability, as illumined at the intersection of culture and nature.

NIES has organized numerous international symposia and workshops on specific environmental research focuses since 2006, several of which result in peer-reviewed volumes of articles published by international academic publishers / university presses.

NIES works actively with leading humanities-focused environmental studies associations and research environments to foster theoretical advancement and to build capacity in interdisciplinary humanistic environmental studies and is a charter member of the European Environmental Humanities Alliance.

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Facts about the project

Project number: 29002

Project leader

Steven Hartman, Uppsala University, Sweden