Nordic Research Network on Marketisation in Eldercare

This researcher network brings together Nordic researchers to investigate the market-inspired steering principles in elder care, in particular the origins and impact of for-profit private care provision that have emerged to various degrees in the Nordic countries.

The network participants work in a range of disciplines, including social work, social policy, political science, sociology, economics and business administration. The network seeks to draw these researchers together to develop a framework for collaborative study and to support the individual researchers, in particular PhD students and other younger scholars.

It is anticipated that systematic comparison between the Nordic countries will yield important insights, and this is a critical component of the network’s collaborative work. To put the developments in the Nordic countries in international context, prominent Anglo-Saxon researchers, with their much longer experience of market steering and for-profit actors in eldercare, will also take part in the network activities.

The activities of the network include regular network meetings, and the network participants will also present their studies to a wider audience at larger open seminars linked to some of the network meetings. The network will set up a website and build an e-database of policy documents, statistics, business reports etc. as well as published research. This will serve as a resource for Nordic students and scholars - within and outside the network - who want to study the trends to marketisation and privatisation in elder care (and other) services. Closed pages of the website will serve as a newsletter and discussion forum for network members and will facilitate contact among network scholars between the meetings.

The overall aim of the network is to strengthen the Nordic research on the ongoing marketisation of elder care services, in particular to support younger scholars and to encourage comparative research.

Expected outcomes include an increase in the volume and quality of research on marketisation - currently a fragmented and under-researched field, of central interest for the Nordic welfare regime.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Marta Szebehely, University of Stockholm, Sweden