Nordic Network for the Study of the Dialogic Communication of Research

Research/society relations in contemporary societies have undergone what can be dubbed a “dialogic turn”, with researchers in universities and other research institutions being called upon to produce socially relevant knowledge and further social innovation in dialogue with different social actors and their perspectives.

The network takes its starting-point in a recognition of the centrality of the dialogic turn to a new form of scientific governance that involves a reconfiguration, and apparent democratisation of, relations between researchers, expertise and publics. The dialogic turn is manifested in research communication policies internationally, including in the Nordic countries, which have led to the launching of a number of practical initiatives with the official aim of furthering dialogue-based research communication.

Despite the proliferation of practical initiatives, the field of study on the dialogic communication of research can be characterised as a fragmented research area. This network aims to develop this emergent field of study by bringing together 32 members from seven different Nordic universities.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Louise Phillips, Roskilde University, Denmark