Nordic Network for the Study of the Religious Roots of Europe

This researcher network examines the dynamics in the formation and transformation of Judaism, Christianity and Islam from ca. 200 BC to 800 AD.

In order to understand the three religions and their interactions in the society today, it is necessary to explore their roots. This network works to enhance our knowledge for understanding contemporary dialogue, interaction and conflict between the three religions in society.

By examining the three religions and their mutual relations from a comparative perspective, the theoretical and empirical advantages of comparative studies of Judaism and Christianity can be multiplied. New light will be shed not only on Islam, but on Christianity and Judaism as well.

The network specifies four areas of research:

  • Formative elements in the emergence of religions
  • Transformative processes in the development of religions
  • Interaction, dialogue, polemic, competition between religions, and conversion from one religion to another
  • Religion, society, politics, and culture
Facts about the project

Project number: 11120

Project leader

Anders-Christian Lund jacobsen, Aarhus University, Denmark