NordSoft - Nordic Network in Soft Matter Physics

Soft Matter has only recently been recognised as a major area of work for physicists. In many countries research has been conducted primarily by chemists (both synthetic chemists and physical chemists). Physicists bring different skills to the problems in this field and can often bring links to more general theories and between disciplines. Several strong groups have emerged in Nordic countries, but in contrast to the strong national and international networks of chemists in this area, there is little direct support for co-operation between physicists.

This network involves about 150 experimentalists and theorists. Funds to permit effective shared use of equipment and exchanges of expertise will greatly enhance cooperative research.

Many of the groups involved in this network collaborate actively with chemists in different fields, either in their own institution or elsewhere. The special feature of this network is that physics communities are brought together so that young researchers can benefit from exchang, meetings and courses that focus on their needs rather than as adjuncts to the larger chemical community. Although the focus is on benefits to be gained from a higher profile of physics in soft matter, it is expected that where appropriate, all disciplines will interact.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Jon Otto Fossum, NTNU, Norway