Nordic Network of Kierkegaard Research

This researcher network is established on occasion of the 200 year anniversary of Kierkegaard’s birth in 2013.

While the Scandinavian countries, especially Denmark and Norway, have long played a leading role in the field, no effort has been made to bring the scholars from other countries and research traditions together into a single dialogue. Too often individual scholars have worked in relative isolation.

This researcher network aims to correct this problem by inviting scholars from the Nordic and Baltic countries to bring their research into a larger context. This will result in unique educational opportunities for young research students.

The network will establish a journal for the Nordic Kierkegaard research and will train young scholars and help them to find employment in the field. The network will further publish a series of other research publications which result from its various conferences and seminars and promote gender equality in the field. In these ways the network will have a long-term effect on Kierkegaard studies.

As a part of the 200 year celebration of Kierkegaard, the network will have a series of events that focus on the influence of Kierkegaard in the various fields: philosophy, theology, religion, psychology, literature, etc. A genuine interdisciplinary research community will be established that will shape the course of the field in a positive way for many years into the future.

Facts about the project

Project number: 42661

Project leader

Jon Stewart, University of Copenhagen, Denmark