Nordic Network of Women in Physics (NorWiP)

This network aims to strengthen the recruitment, education and career possibilities of Nordic female students and young researchers.

Nordic Network of Women in Physics (NorWiP) consists of a collaboration between female physicists in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden - with representation also from Russia.

NorWiP serves as an umbrella organisation for the national networks of women in physics in the Nordic countries:

  • Netværk for Kvinder i Fysik in Denmark
  • Network of Women in Physics in Finland
  • Nettverk for Kvinner i Fysik in Norway
  • Women in Physics in Sweden

The network aims to:

  • train, encourage and retain female Ph.D. students and
  • allow students and young researches to find female advisors, mentors and role models in their field
  • allow female physicists to exchange information and experiences and to establish contacts to other female physicists in the Nordic countries
  • increase the visibility of nordic female physicists and to maintain an open database of women researchers in physics in the Nordic countries
  • identify gender barriers in the career paths of women in physics and to work toward removing such barriers
  • facilitate international networking by developing contacts with women in physics organisations around the world
Facts about the project
Project leader

Dorte Norgaard-Madsen, University of Bergen, Norway

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