Nordic Network on Species Range Dynamics (NORA)

The NORA network shall increase collaboration among Nordic research groups studying the response of plant species to climate change, and link these groups to leading European research environments.

The network shall facilitate interaction among the scientists involved, stimulate exchange of post-docs and PhD students, and support research training in the growing field of climate change ecology.

The scientific objectives of NORA are to:

  • describe the distribution of key species
  • compare current patterns with historical records
  • identify the most important limiting abiotic factors
  • analyse key species life history, biotic interactions and ecophysiological factors
  • model distributions of biotic and abiotic factors

The network brings together complementary research groups from one Baltic and three Nordic countries, and collaborates with key research groups in Spain and Germany.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Johannes Kollmann, University of Copenhagen, Denmark