Social Entrepreneurship Research Network for the Nordic Countries (SERNOC)

This network aims to enhance the knowledge and understanding of social entrepreneurship in the Nordic region.

Research and teaching within the field of social entrepreneurship is increasing substantially. In the Nordic countries the state tends to withdraw a dominant role in classic deliveries of welfare services, and social entrepreneurship and social enterprises experience growing attention.

Local and civic society are gradually developing their social responsibilities further into new engaging forms of citizenship and social economies, and citizens re-discover self-help and participation as strategies for everyday life.

Social entrepreneurship has the capacity to create substantial social, economic and societal value within several fields and save the welfare state money by employing people who would normally receive welfare payments.

The network seeks to reinforce international co-operation and dialogue with researchers, teachers, organisations, entrepreneurs, policymakers and citizens, to highlight research training, and to organise a transnational and interdisciplinary doctoral school for the study of social entrepreneurship.

Facts about the project

Project number: 33280

Project leader

Linda Andersen, Roskilde University, Denmark

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