Nordic OSS Researchers Network

European government and commercial organisations are increasingly considering the potential benefits of Open Source software (OSS) and open standards. Their motivation is invariably to reduce costs, increase transparency and improve sustainability.

The Nordic countries were heavily influential in the early phases of the development of the OSS phenomenon, with Linux and MySQL being major success stories of the principles of OSS. With the advent of so-called Professional Open Source, there has been a resurgence of business and international-level research activity within the Nordic countries.

The fifth international conference on Open Source systems was held in Sweden in 2009. A special event was organised at that conference to bring together Nordic researchers to discuss a collaborative agenda for research and training in OSS. This shows the importance given by the groups involved to developing a specifically Nordic agenda in OSS.

The network aims to further enhance interdisciplinary input to the research of each group, and to evolve a Nordic perspective on developments in OSS, both with respect to research findings and to the penetration of OSS in the Nordic economies. The network will also establish a forum to consider potential and actual opportunities for further collaboration.

The target is to:

  • boost inter-group activity by increasing the number of joint publications and research applications
  • increase the profile of OSS within Nordic companies
  • develop the basis for ongoing PhD consortia in OSS
  • represent the Nordic perspective at OSS conferences and workshops
Facts about the project
Project leader

Björn Lundell, University of Skövde, Sweden