Nordic Pragmatism Network (NPN)

The Nordic Pragmatism Network (NPN) aims to enable exchange and cooperation between researchers working on pragmatist topics in the Nordic countries and to sharpen the Nordic contribution to scholarship and creative work in philosophical pragmatism.

Despite the wide interest in pragmatism and its popularity among philosophers and scientists in different Nordic countries, there is currently no consolidated inter-Nordic research training in the field.

This network consists of participants from all of the Nordic countries. The overall aim is to increase student mobility in the Nordic area. A second objective of the project is for the participants to form inter-Nordic research groups on different topics together with the research trainees. A third objective is to establish more permanent international connections with other study groups and networks in Europe and elsewhere, which could form consortia to participate in wider European calls.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Sami Pihlström, University of Helsinki, Finland