Nordic Research Network for Sound Studies

The researchers in this network have all in various forms taken part in building the field of sound studies in the Nordic countries and internationally through conference papers, publications and research projects. The aim of the network is to bring these highly diverse approaches to sound studies together in order to begin an inter-disciplinary dialogue.

During the past 10-15 years the interest in the auditory aspects of human life has increased within the Humanities in the Nordic countries as well as throughout the world.

This can in no way be said to build a coherent body of sound studies. Rather, what can be labeled sound studies or auditory culture consists mainly of sub-disciplines attached to more traditional departments such as musicology, media, art history, cultural studies, architecture, urban studies, anthropology etc.

Even if these sub-disciplines live auditory lives of their own and contribute with important research, a recurrent need for collaboration is called for in order to develop a common ground regarding methodologies, vocabulary, theories, and even histories of auditory culture.

Facts about the project

Project number: 45023

Project leader

Erik Granly Jensen, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark