Nordic Researcher Network on Trust in and between Organizations

This network builds on the Nordic foundations of trust to develop new tools for formalising trust, in order to cope with problems of collaboration and mutual understanding.

The interest in organisational trust research has exploded during the past 20 years. The business environment is changing, and trust and inter-organisational collaboration are becoming more central.

The Nordic countries are high trust countries. We are proud of our collaboration skills, low power distance between leaders and followers,and we have a different contracting culture compared to both UK, USA, France and Southern Europe.

The network focuses on a dynamic process perspective and will engage PhD students strongly in the development of three related topics:

  • Interpersonal trust development between actors within organisations
  • Institutionalising and formalising trust
  • Trust and leadership in a Nordic context
Facts about the project

Project number: 27160

Project leader

Lars Fuglsang, Roskilde University, Denmark

Project website