Nordic TEM network - NorTEMnet

Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) is a powerful and unique tool for the visualisation and study of materials down to the atomic level. The information provided by TEM is becoming increasingly essential to, and appreciated within, the broader physical sciences community.

The rich variety of analysis modes and signals available in a modern TEM gives a flexibility and complexity that can in many ways be compared with synchrotron X-ray sources and other large-scale laboratory facilities. Advances in instrumentation such as aberration correction and monochromation of the electron beam provide a wealth of new opportunities for fundamental and applied material studies.

The main TEM environments in the Nordic countries recognise the need to join forces and cooperate in sharing competence, developing ideas and giving advanced training to achieve this.

This network of Nordic laboratories within advanced TEM will include research exchange, training and dedicated workshops. The interactions seeded by the project and the workshop series initiated will contribute to a strong foundation for the participating Nordic groups for the future in terms of scientific success, recruitment and participation in European level framework programmes and projects.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Randi Holmestad, NTNU, Norway