Nordic Network of Mother Tongue Didactic Research (NNMF)

The objective of the NNMF network is to establish a permanent Nordic network to promote and strengthen first-language education research by initiating and organising Nordic and international courses for researchers.

NNMF is a collaboration between three national and two international networks:

  • Svenska med didaktisk inriktning (SMDI)
  • Netværk for forskning i danskfagenes didaktik
  • Nettverk for norskdidaktisk forskning (NNDF)
  • Mother Tongue Education Network (IMEN)
  • Nordfag (Morsmålsfagene i Norden i komparativt perspektiv

The NNMF network will initiate and establish contact across disciplines and national borders, with the aim of becoming an important actor in international first-language education research.

This closer contact will increase the level of research cooperation in the Nordic region within specific research fields in which NNMF already possesses a high degree of expertise.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Sigmund Ongstad, Oslo University College, Norge