NordSIR: Nordic network for Stable Isotope Research

The NordSIR network connects Nordic and Baltic researchers and experts using stable isotopes in the environmental and applied field, in order to enhance the co-operation and know-how transfer between laboratories.

Stable isotopes offer powerful tools for the multidisciplinary study of biogeochemistry and global climate change in natural and managed ecosystems, offering insights beyond classical methodologies. These tools can connect botanists, microbiologists, forest researchers and other ecologists together in a multidisciplinary way similarly as molecular biology has united the biological sciences.

The network activities include Nordic meetings, national meetings, training workshops, short term laboratory visits, interactive network web-pages and laboratory/expertise catalogues. The topics of the meetings will cover all major fields of application of isotopes in environmental sciences.

Manufacturers of isotope equipment are given the opportunity to present their latest developments and give practical information in a wider forum, open for research students, post-docs, senior researchers and technical staff.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Marja Tiirola, University of Jyväskylä, Finland