NORIA-net Arctic

NORIA-net Arctic is a preparatory action to assess the potential for added value in a larger-scale joint Nordic research initiative responding to the multiple societal challenges and new opportunities that the Arctic region is confronted with.

Based on this assessment, the NORIA-net shall develop a proposal for a larger-scale joint Nordic research programme. The joint Nordic research initiative is to be developed according to the following guidelines and criteria:

  • The point of departure for the initiative shall be challenges related to climate change
  • The initiative shall be multidisciplinary in its approach
  • The proposal for a joint Nordic initiative shall seek to facilitate international research cooperation, in particular between the Nordic countries and the other states in the Arctic Council; the United States, Canada and Russia
  • It shall produce knowledge of relevance to policy-makers regarding smart adaption to climate change in the Arctic
  • The NORIA-net should cooperate with relevant stakeholders working on Arctic issues

To provide input to the NORIA-net, expert groups are established in the fields of health and medicine, social sciences and humanities as well as in natural sciences and technology.In addition, a reference group will be formed, consisting of main stakeholders such as researchers, representatives of the indigenous population in the Arctic region, policy makers, industry, the Nordic University Association (NUS), the University of the Arctic, NORDREGIO and representatives of the Nordic council of Ministers and of the Arctic council.

The NORIA-net is to finalize its work during the spring of 2013. A proposal for a larger scale Nordic research initiative on Arctic issues is to be presented to the NordForsk Board at its meeting in June 2013

Facts about the project
Project leader

Sven Stafström, Swedish Research Council


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