NORIA-net on Health and Welfare

This NORIA-net aims to find out how Nordic research funding organisations, including NordForsk, can support and strengthen the Nordic position in research on socioeconomic health inequality and effective public health interventions.

Health and life-expectancy have improved in all Nordic countries. Nevertheless, the positive secular trend has not been able to decrease an uneven distribution of health. The difference in life-expectancy between different socio-economic groups has even widened.

So far, this complex and multidisciplinary question has been inadequately covered in pan-European and Nordic research programs.

The Nordic countries have mutual strengths in the research and development area of health inequalities. The rather similar social structures and function of social and health care could make it possible to combine both researchers’ resources and data.

The NORIA-net will:

  • make an overview on research, funding and funding systems, focusing on different Nordic countries and on joint Nordic activities. EU level (European Commission’s Framework programme, ESF, ERA-NETs, etc.) is also reviewed.
  • give their recommendations to political decision makers and governmental research funding agencies in the Nordic countries, including NordForsk, on how to strengthen Nordic research in health inequalities. The recommendation is based on the in-depth analysis of the above mentioned overview.