NORIA-net on Nordic Languages, Language culture and Communication

The NORIA-net will map strong research areas within the field of Nordic languages, language culture and communication in each of the Nordic countries.


In numerous reports the expert group has identified areas where cooperation and consolidation of research efforts generates added value. On the basis of these reports, NordForsk has drawn up a preliminary programme proposal to create a framework for discussions on co-funding from the Nordic countries.

The programme proposal points to common strengths and knowledge gaps in the areas of languages, language culture and communication. Importance is also attached to research infrastructure as well as aspects relating to language technology, education and knowledge circulation in an international context.

The NORIA-net representatives are nominated by the research funding agencies in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, and the Association of Nordic University Rectors Conferences (NUS). The NORIA-net is headed by Professor Guðrún Nordal. 


NordForsk will use the input from the expert group to determine whether there is enough interest in the Nordic countries (from research funding agencies, funds, etc.) to collaborate on a joint Nordic initiative in this area. Interested parties will be meeting in 2016 to discuss this.

Contact person
Marianne Aastebøl Minge - Chief Operating Officer
Contact person Marianne Aastebøl Minge
Chief Operating Officer
Work +47 936 02 527
Facts about the project
Project leader

Guðrún Nordal
Professor, Háskóli íslands/University of Iceland