NORIA-net The Nordic Research Infrastructure Network (NRIN)

The NORIA-net NRIN shall identify barriers and obstacles at a structural and organisational level for the development of Nordic research infrastructure cooperation, and to propose ways of overcoming such problems.

Research infrastructure has become one of the most important research policy areas, within the EU and at national level. In many countries, including the Nordic, initiatives have been taken to formulate long-term strategies (i.e. roadmaps) for the establishment of research infrastructure.

The need for long-term national roadmaps results from the need to prioritise investments due to the increasing costs associated with research infrastructure. In addition, increased international cooperation – particularly through ESFRI - has emphasized the need for national strategies in which purely national investments are considered with respect for the timing and cost associated with pan-European projects and other international research infrastructure involvements.

Much focus is on the international dimension, particularly on the ESFRI roadmap. On the other hand, there is no concerted effort to integrate the Nordic dimension in the strategic policy work at a national level. Therefore, there is a risk that the lack of coordination results in differentiation in timing and prioritization of infrastructure investments across the Nordic countries. This may potentially limit the ability to create synergies between areas in which the Nordic science community have unique research opportunities and strengths. Also, a high degree of coordination on research infrastructure policies is vital, if the Nordic countries are to have impact on the ESFRI process.

The NORIA-net on research infrastructure is a critical tool for expanding the Nordic collaboration network on research infrastructure policies. The network is made up by national actors involved in decision making processes regarding the establishment and financing of research infrastructure, with the aim of creating synergies between the Nordic countries' individual infrastructure strategies. In this way, the NORIA net will contribute to strengthening the Nordic collaboration on research infrastructure.

The project is finished, see the report here