NorIMM: Nordic Infrastructure for Mouse Models

NorIMM works will mouse models and their use in biomedical research.

The NorIMM Researcher Network is a continuation of the research infrastructure network "Nordic Infrastructure for Mouse Models". It was established in 2008 to improve communication between current infrastructures for generation and phenotyping of gene-modified mice in the Nordic countries, and to enhance the contribution and participation in Infrafrontier.

The use of mouse models is increasing and new methods are being developed. The partner facilities in the Nordic countries will provide expertise in specific technologies, particularly in the analysis of mouse models, which often is very demanding and time-consuming. Models generated can be used in several different research projects and the number of collaborative studies is markedly increasing.

Nordic collaboration is essential to support internationally competitive research on disease models, to understand gene functions, and to develop new therapeutic approaches. The network emphasises a continued and increased collaboration with the industry and plans to build co-operation with additional European partners.

The participant in the network cover overlapping aspects in tumour biology, angiogenesis, cell signalling, extracellular matrix biology, hypoxia response and developmental biology. The network aims to organise annual workshops and courses, and a large symposium every two years.

Facts about the project

Project number: 69005

Project leader

Taina Pihlajaniemi, University of Oulu – Oulun Yliopisto, Finland

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