NCoE Reassess: Reassessing the Nordic Welfare Model

Does the Nordic welfare model have the ability to renew itself under changing external and internal conditions? This is the topic at hand for the Nordic Centre of Excellence (NCoE) Reassessing the Nordic Welfare Model.

Does the behaviour of the Nordic welfare states correspond to the idea of a distinct Nordic welfare model, or are these welfare states in practice moving away from this idea?

Thematic groups in this Nordic Center of Excellence highlight this overarching question by analysing trends and trajectories in areas like ageing and the social organisation of care, changes in family, gender and inter-generational relationships, economic security in old age, migration as a challenge for redistributive welfare states and  social exclusion and inclusion.


  • the situation of people with disabilities
  • new and old forms of governance in the activation of people without work
  • competitiveness and social equality
  • drivers of change in the Nordic welfare states and the impact of such change on the economic and social well-being of citizens in the Nordic countries.