Register-Based Life Course Studies: Sociological, Demographic, and Economic Perspectives

This network will contribute to improving the Nordic aspect of both collaborative research projects and training of young research students in life course studies using register-based data sources.

The interest in the use of register data is increasing in the world-wide social sciences community. This type of data has an untapped potential for high quality social science research. At the same time, there has also been an upsurge in the interest in life course studies. In the Nordic countries solid research environments exists in empirical social sciences with a focus on life course studies.

Most of the research and training in this field is organised at the national level and oriented towards national audiences. With a Nordic perspective, this network builds on experiences gained from several collaborative research efforts conducted the last decade, aiming to build a strong network of interdisciplinary social scientists working on life course studies.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Torkild Lyngstad, Statistics Norway, Norway