Researching Music Censorship

The goal of this network is to provide an informed knowledge of the role of culture and music in a global world, and of the practices which cause restrictions and silencing of targeted musicians.

The attention to negotiations on culture, power, and human rights is generally strong in the Nordic countries. Historical and contemporary music censorship is the focus of this network, which aims to add to the understanding of music in everyday life, in the discourses between public and private spaces, and in war and conflicts.

Through an interdisciplinary collaboration, the network will promote and encourage the scholarly study of music censorship and research the role of music in relation to human rights and artistic freedom of expression.

In this way, the network will contribute to the definition of the field and promote new theoretical and methodological perspectives for the understanding of the interplay of music and power.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Annemette Kirkegaard, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

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