Network for Researchers of Multilinguism and Multilingual Education (ROMME)

The Nordic countries have probably always been multilingual and multicultural to some extent. However, the number of immigrants is increasing and the languages and cultures are not found only in geographically limited areas. Hence, the awareness of the importance of well-planned linguistic and cultural enrichment strategies has increased.

This researcher network cooperates on:

  • the language paths of young immigrant students within the different Nordic educational settings
  • developing language education in multilingual and multicultural settings
  • inter-Nordic communication and learning among researchers representing the different research traditions and fields involved in studying the complex interplay of language growth, language transfer, linguistic self-conception, multilingual identity, educational arrangements (didactics) and national, regional and municipal language planning

The aims of the network are:

  • to provide in-depth knowledge about linguistic diversity and multilingualism in education in the Nordic countries both from a linguistic and a pedagogical point of view
  • to develop a holistic and cross-professional research paradigm
  • to provide PhD students with up-to-date knowledge about research in the Nordic countries and to challenge them to step outside monolingual biased research/language development paradigms
  • to provide an easily accessible source of research-based knowledge in multilingual and -cultural education for authorities and decision makers
Facts about the project

Project number: 46321

Project leader

Siv Björklund, University of Vaasa, Finland