Scientific Drilling in the Nordic Countries

This researcher network will consolidate the competence and experience in the Nordic countries in the field of scientific drilling. It will actively distribute precious knowledge and experience between scientists and groups, and help researchers who are newcomers to scientific drilling with their own initiatives.

Numerous fundamental problems in basic and applied natural sciences require direct access to the subsurface. Scientific drilling is the method of choice. It involves a diversity of scientific disciplines and requires high skills and much experience already in the planning stage of a project, and in particular during the operational phase and for borehole and long-term monitoring experiments.

Several scientific drilling projects have been conducted in the Nordic countries, both of national and international character, but the results remain with the involved groups. Today, it is difficult for researchers without experience in drilling to access this expertise and start a scientific drilling project.

Scientists who discover that they need direct access to the subsurface for their research have, in general, no background in scientific drilling. Therefore, training and education in the network will cover all academic levels. Long-lasting scientific exchange and cooperation between research groups and the establishment of new working groups will be the result of network activities like workshops, courses and lectures.

The network also works with technical questions related to scientific drilling. The few experts in the scientific community must join forces for demanding future projects and keep in close contact with the industry. All involved partners will profit from an improved cooperation between industry and academic community regarding both scientific and technical questions.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Henning Lorenz, Uppsala University, Sweden

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