Stay or go

The network will contribute to making research and research training in plant ecology more interdisciplinary, while at the same time stimulating Scandinavian research collaboration in the field and forming the basis of future broad research collaboration within Europe.

What are the effects of ongoing and future global changes on natural ecosystems? Rapid changes in land use, atmospheric deposition and climate change constitute threats to biodiversity, and the capacity of plant species, populations and communities to adapt is vital.

Stay or go involves predictive modelling, correlative ecological approaches such as gradient studies and biogeography, field and laboratory experiments, ecosystems ecology and exploring “lessons from the past” through palaeoecology and molecular approaches. The research within these disciplines is already making important contributions to our understanding of ecosystem processes, yet there are still areas where knowledge is very limited - especially the ecological mechanisms behind the ability of different species and communities to adapt or to migrate during environmental change and the consequences of these mechanisms.

In this network, ten internationally leading Nordic research groups join forces to develop multidisciplinary research in order to investigate these issues. The network combines extant data from different fields to generate new hypotheses, and will also set up new research sites in different regions of Scandinavia for testing relevant hypotheses.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Bente Jessen Graae, NTNU, Norway