Stuttering Research and Education Network (STUREN)

This network aims to encourage research on stuttering and cooperation between scientists working and investigating the disorder, and also to raise interest on stuttering and stuttering research among Masters and PhD students in speech and language pathology.

The network will start well designed epidemiological longitudinal studies on stuttering to find clinical markers for recovery and persistency especially among young stuttering children. A website to provide information for the public on stuttering and stuttering research will be created, and in the future joint training courses on stuttering identification and measurement and stuttering research will be provided within the universities.

A database with speech samples from at least four different countries will be created and epidemiological information on stuttering collected. The scientists and the students will work towards a cooperative operational definition on stuttering to identify clinical markers and enable future cooperative research projects.

Facts about the project

Project number: 41381

Project leader

Jóhanna Einarsdottir, University of Iceland, Iceland