Sustainable Primary Production in a Changing Climate

Researchers and plant breeders collaborate closely to help prepare the Nordic society for future climate changes. Plant genetic resources, mainly from NordGen, are selected on basis of realistic future scenarios. Production is measured, and environmental impacts assessed.

The Nordic primary industries face production demands with requirements for low-input and minimal environmental impact. To prepare for tomorrow, actions are needed given a long development time of new management strategies and new plant varieties.

This network will develop common and regionally tailored measures and strategies, plant material and decision making tools for the future Nordic:

  • Plant health
  • Conservation, adaptation and utilisation of genetic resources
  • Adaptation and mitigation in the cereal production system
  • Sustainable biomass production

The results will be used to provide decision support tools for a future sustainable, stable and safe primary production for food, feed and bioenergy.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Rikke Bagger Jørgensen, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark