Teaching problem based learning in virtual environments

The research network focuses on teachers' work conditions and self-management in relation to Problem Based Learning (PBL) and Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs).

PBL methods and VLEs are instruments that are most likely to have significant influence on the professional role of the teacher in the classrooms, and in informal learning and teaching contexts empowered by social media.

The network focuses on empowerment of teachers and the integration of PBL practices in virtual learning environments. The network focuses on the critical issues of and problems with teaching in formal and informal technology enhanced learning settings, and on research that can guide teachers' strategies for employing problem based learning in virtual environments.

The Nordic approach to teaching problem based learnind in virtual learning environments is a pragmatist, perspective on both the teachers' and learners' mutual and often adversarial collaboration mediated by VLEs. The goal is to maintain a high degree of teacher freedom and involvement, as it provides a fertile ground for progressive pedagogies to flourish and develop.

The strategies for implementing PBL in virtual learning environments should therefore support teachers in developing and designing locally sustainable solutions to the challenges they face, while respecting and maintaining teachers' autonomy. The network takes action learning as its own method of collaboration, in order to explore action learning as a way of motivating learning and teaching in virtual environments.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Brian Møller Svendsen, Aalborg University, Denmark